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Traditional and Modern SEMs

Posted by Wendy Swan on March 10, 2018 at 1:20 AM

It has become too commonplace that people no longer seem to bother with the details. Yes search engine marketing (SEM) is a vastly popular current day fixture in industry and commerce yet is very ‘un-understood’ modern phenomenon. Well, the fact that the industry generates more than a million jobs in Asia alone, employing a significant number across segments of young adults, academic achievement, status or field of specialization, makes it popular but at the same time, the blinding speed by which it evolves and the many types of services it provides are reasons why it is difficult to understand SEM.

In a nutshell, SEM agencies function as ‘virtual’ advertising arms of a client company aim which is contracted to direct internet traffic into company’s website. These SEM companies uses a vast range of digital marketing strategies to improve search engine ranking of websites, establish and improve online presence and raise the number of potential clients and direct purchases.

Traditional SEM Services

Push digital marketing is considered more traditional simply because it involves more conventional advertising principles and strategies that directly takes the product or service to the customer, and straight-forwardly convinces the customer to purchase the product or service. As a direct marketing strategy, it reduces the amount of time between a customer discovering a product, the time learning about it and the time to buy it. In Singapore, SEM agencies using this method also directly interact with potential customers through display advertising, SMS messages, email campaigns and newsletter campaigns in an attempt to ‘push’ them to buy a product or avail a service, hence the term push digital marketing. Push marketing is a strategy that is used more frequently by start-ups and companies who has just introduced new products into the market and have already manufactured and distributed a significant number of these products. Although very few SEM companies in Singapore still engage in these activities, other digital marketing agencies still uses aggressive and wide-reaching ads to make the biggest and most immediate impact on customers.

On the other hand, pull digital marketing services are considered the more modern form of digital marketing. Compared to push marketing, pull digital marketing, sometime called content marketing in many Singapore SEM agencies, do not directly promote a product but generate demand for a product or boost interests in a client’s website by providing links in websites, blog posts, client website content, and white papers. In simpler terms, pull digital marketing creates interests rather than increase actual purchases and is therefore light years different from conventional advertising methods.

SEM companies utilizing pull digital marketing strategies also raise awareness about a product before it becomes available in the market. For instance, many SEM companies in Singapore determine consumer information-seeking behavior about products and services and also helps improve website content, social media and audio and video streaming to make contents more attractive for potential clients. With this data, and although the results of the marketing campaign will not be certain until the product is made available, the manufacturer can save money on production costs by producing fewer units depending on market demand that is determined by the SEM research.

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