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Pump Applications

Posted by Wendy Swan on August 30, 2017 at 3:25 AM

Pumps are used in many different applications. It is important to understand what type of pump you need for your application to save effort and money. Various types of pumps can be classified and selected based on the application they are designed for. Specifically, they can be defined by the function they perform or the types of media they are suited to handle and the certain type of system or environment. Pumps that are defined by media designed to handle certain types of materials or fluids with specific properties or characteristics.

Centrifugal pumps convert input power to kinetic energy by sucking liquid in a rotating circularly arranged fins or called as an impeller. The fluid enters the pump through the center or vertex or eye of the impeller which rotates at high speed which produces a low pressure zone. The fluid then accelerates outward from the pump chasing and a vacuum is created at the vertex that continuously draws fluid into the pump.

There are a bunch of manufacturing companies and suppliers in Singapore that provide centrifugal pumps for various applications. From large applications in marine and production industry to very small household applications.

From the outside, liquid ring vacuum pumps only hints at what is inside and how its internal parts function. Shaft bearings on heavy cast iron brackets are easily dismantled and accessible for cleaning and servicing. The top connection of the pump is the inlet while side connections functions as outlets or discharge. The liquid ring vacuum pump uses water or any suitable liquid which acts as pistons, which gives it the name liquid ring.

It is obvious that the chambers between the rotor blades or impeller are open around the shaft. These chambers are also open when looked at the inside. The inner edges of the impeller are machined to rotate around the inner surface of the cone to a close, non-contact fit. An internal duct joins the openings from the liquid ring vacuum pump inlet to an inlet port in the cone. As each of the chambers rotate past the inlet duct, it carries a volume of air around with it. The air is compressed as the liquid ring approaches the cone. This represents the compression of air which produces a vacuum up to atmospheric pressure or from an atmospheric pressure up to a positive pressure in a liquid ring.

High pressure cleaners have various applications in Singapore. This type of pressure cleaners are used in car wash services, industrial and factory cleaning equipment, household applications, hotel and building cleaning services, etc. The harsh environment and pollution in Singapore requires a high pressure cleaner to remove impurities from places they are unwanted.

Things get dirty, messy and stained. In some cases, garden hose, detergent, brush and a hardworking laborer are not enough for things to be clean. Pressure washers can aggressively and instantly blast things from impurities and pollution and dust with water jets that are pressurized at about 75 times the pressure of garden hoses that are connected to tap water. These pressure cleaners also have low pressure calibration for delicate cleaning or for watering plants and turf.

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