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Corporate Gifts in Singapore: Know First The Considerations

Posted by Wendy Swan on May 27, 2016 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (1)

In the corporate world, just like in any other area of life, relationships are very significant. Having a friendly and pleasant relationship with your co-workers or business partners is something that can make or break the success of your professional endeavours. Gift giving is one very popular choice for creating positive relationships, as well as showing respect and gratitude for those you work with. However, in order for the gift to serve that purpose, there are some very important aspects that should be considered.

When choosing corporate gifts in Singapore, especially if you are a foreigner, you should consider the receiver’s background sensibly. Singapore is rich with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds which all have different customs and protocol. For instance, if you are planning to give a gift to someone with a Chinese background, you should avoid handkerchiefs, flowers, even clocks. First, Flowers are seen as a rude gift because in their customary, flowers are for funeral rites only. So think first before you give gifts to clients or even co-workers. The pronunciation of the word “clock”, on the other hand, is alike to the one of the word “funeral” and so this unpleasant resemblance makes those types of gifts rather unsuitable ones. Also, do not pick objects such as scissors or other cutting utensils as they are symbolic for separating the relationship, which is the exact opposite of a gift’s goal. However, for most Chinese people, letter openers make an exception and are not seen as inappropriate.

If you would like to present corporate gifts in Singapore to one of your partners or co-workers with an Indian heritage, there are also some important points to consider. Given that you have chosen to present that person with flowers, avoid Frangipani due to the fact that in traditional Indian culture those flowers are only meant for funerals. In addition, make sure to check if your recipient is Hindu because if they are, you should avoid products made out of genuine leather.

Malay people are another large ethnic group in Singapore. If you are doing business with a Malay and want to gift him or her, stay away from alcohol or products made out of pigskin because most of the religion of Malay people are Muslim and this religion sees pork as dirty and does not accept the use of alcoholic beverages or pork products. Another important feature you should consider is the time and manner in which you present the gift. You should give and accept gifts with either your right hand or both hands and when giving a gift, it is seen as tasteful to do so at the very end of the meeting, rather than the beginning.

Considering the above reasons, gift giving, especially in the corporate world, may sometimes prove to be quicksand worthy. In order to help you avoid a lot of confusion, struggle and puzzling misunderstanding when trying to choose the best branded corporate gifts possible, we have compiled the following list of suggestions & ideas that will satisfy the tastes of every business partner or co-worker.