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Tricks in Finding Budget Car Rental in Singapore

Posted by Wendy Swan on April 29, 2016 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

If you plan to spend vacation in Singapore, you might want to include in your checklist finding a budget car rental. Rent a car and you will be able to take your family to the top tourist spots and have a vacation that your loved ones will truly enjoy. So, the question now is how to find and rent a car that fits your budget and needs?

1. Search for a budget car rental company or service provider online. Go to search engines, enter the keywords “car rental” or “budget car rental”, and thousands of results will appear. Doing this gives you an access to directories or list of car rental providers available in the desired area. Moreover, you can also read reviews, discover best deals, and compare rates. It therefore provides choices and from there, select the one that’s most suitable for your travel.

2. Do an offline search. If you are not tech-savvy, then you can resort to an offline search. This may be physically tiring but it ensures that you get to see and examine the car before renting it.

3. Gauge your driving skills. You may want to rent and drive your dream car but ask yourself if you have the ability to drive it. So, rent a car that you can drive. Remember that you are looking for a budget car rental in Singapore and not a luxury vehicle you can brag.

4. Know the terms and conditions carefully. If you have finally chosen a car rental company, be sure that you have clarified the terms and conditions in order to prevent any misunderstanding or trouble. Are there additional charges and taxes? Can you hire a driver? Is getting a travel insurance from the rental company compulsory or not? Are there upgrades available for free or with discount? What are your refuelling options? Can you drop the car at another place? These are just some of the questions that you need to get concrete answers. Don’t be afraid to ask. You deserve to get what you pay for.

5. Consider your travel date. Though weather in Singapore is warm and humid all year round, it is still recommended to be mindful of the weather. When it’s raining, it is more appropriate to rent a car with a bright and light colour as it is easier to spot in the dark.

6. Check the rental vehicle before your trip. It is always a good idea to check the condition of the car before driving it. Ask the provider if it is properly conditioned for a long trip. Also, observe if the car has existing scratches or dents. And if the car has such, then you may request for a different vehicle.

7. Study the driving laws. When in Singapore or in any other country, it is your responsibility as a driver to review basic driving laws. Certain driving activities may be legal in this country but not in other places. For instance, are there anti-texting laws implemented? Before your road trip, consider learning the traffic rules and apply them once you are on the road.

Budget and cheap car rental Singapore companies can be easily found online and offline. Be sure to make a reservation and book in advance from your travel date to have a hassle-free vacation.