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For Startup IT Companies: To Invest On ESD Protection Or Not?

Posted by Wendy Swan on April 30, 2016 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

The world of Information Technology has expanded significantly since the worldwide adoption of the Internet and personal computers. Information Technology is being used almost in every aspect of a business. From Microsoft Excel to elaborate computer networks, information technology is the main player in carrying out effective business operations.

While using and developing this technology are rather different from each other, knowing your fundamentals is the key to opening up an IT business. Everyone has to start somewhere. Consider all of the basic programs out there and decide if Information Technology is even for you. Do some research and explore all of the fields in IT. There are a lot of opportunities, so choose what's best for you and your concept.

Reliable system design requires some form of (Electrostatic Discharge) ESD protection. Although several types of transient circuit protection devices are available, care must be taken when deciding which circuit protection device to use. An ill-chosen device will not only be ineffective, but can interfere with the normal operation of the circuit. ESD is created when the electrical field surrounding different objects varies and becomes balanced. The spark that is created when contact balances the fields can cause damage to electronic components. Protecting electronic components, like the hardware in your computer, is an easy task if components are properly handled and basic precautions are used.


These are some causes of the Electorstatic Discharge:

• Static electricity is often generated through turbo charging, the separation of electric charges that occurs when two materials are brought into contact and then separated. The breaking of contact between two materials results in turbocharging, thus creating a difference of electrical potential that can lead to an ESD event.

• Electrostatic Induction. This occurs when an electrically charged object is placed near a conductive object isolated from the ground. The presence of the charged object creates an electrostatic field that causes electrical charges on the surface of the other object to redistribute.

ESD can also be caused by energetic charged particles impinging on an object. This causes increasing surface and deep charging. This is a known hazard for most spacecraft

It is always recommended to review all possible mishaps that the business will be facing. It is important to observe some basic steps to protect your computer hardware from potential damage caused by Electro Static Discharge or ESD.

There are a number of items available on the market to reduce the likelihood of ESD, among those items are: ESD wrist strap, conductive shoes, andshoe sole grounder. It is recommended you properly ground yourself before contacting any computer components. Be Careful, reducing risk of equipment failure is reducing risks associated with downtime. Focus On Performance – Taking steps to avoid ESD damage to your hardware is important to anyone who is concerned with the performance of their network devices. Unknown equipment performance issues are another enemy to the IT professional. Save yourself the time, money and hassle and protect your equipment.