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Safety Measures To Know When Taking Up Belly Dance Lessons

Posted by Wendy Swan on March 27, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (1)

One of the kinds of dance that has been popular today is the belly dancing. It has been embraced not only by dancers but also to other people because of the numerous benefits it can give. People who consider it as part of their exercise will help their body become fit and healthy. However, doing any kind of activities as dancing has certain precautions to keep a person safe. Below are some safety measures you should keep in mind when taking belly dance lessons.

Focus on the problem

Repetitive or overuse of muscles or any part of the body might cause pain or chronic injury. If the problem is in your hamstrings, then just focus stretching it. Doing complex stretches might be ineffective for the target to be stretched because of the blockage in tighter areas. Flexible areas can be stretched easily so there is no need to focus on them. In addition, keep in mind that even if you do not feel pain on a certain are that you usually use, it does not mean that there is no damage.

Warm up

Before executing any kind of belly dance movements, you need to warm up to condition your body from feeling pain or cause injury. Keep in mind that stretching is not enough to be considered as warm up. Check some exercises you can follow that will get your blood flowing and increase your pulse rate. Stretch your body first then do warm up exercise to make your muscles, joints, and nerves to get your body ready for the belly dance lesson.

Control and range

Each of our bodies has limitations and we should be aware of it. Doing different kinds of activity that cannot be endured by our body can cause different problems such as injuries and pain. It is the reason why you need to study your body and know what you are capable. If you are not aware of these things, there is a big chance you do movements you should not be doing. In belly dancing lesson, instructor knows what the proper and improper movements are. It means she knows how to make you be safe and prevent you from feeling pain and having injuries.

Body cheats

Remember that each movements done in belly dance class Singapore needs to use different parts of the body. When doing dance routines using wrong part can cause injury and pain. An example of this is when you make twist move using your lower back, but the right part of the body to execute this movement is your upper back. Avoid doing this to prevent causing problems to your body. When having belly dancing Singapore, you should always listen carefully to the instructor who will tell you how to execute movements in the right way.