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Practical Reasons Why You Should Self-Publish Your Book

Posted by Wendy Swan on February 28, 2016 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It is indeed the dream of many authors to have their book published by well-renowned publishing houses and get that fame and recognition for their works worldwide. But we all know that it is never an easy path to get to that glorious stage, and even if you do find a publishing house that is willing to invest in your talent, more often than not, you will have to compromise and edit your book according to what they think is more sellable to the public. Not good. In this day and age, we only hear very few writers who consider self publish book printing, with the worry of overspending and not being famed enough because of an independent endeavour. However, this could be the answer to fully owning your book down to the minutest detail. Here are some practical reasons on why you should consider self-publishing your book!


Time is of the Essence

Looking for that opportunity to have your book published by a traditional publishing house can definitely take a long time, can result into a lot of rejections, and doesn’t really guarantee that you can get one no matter how long you try. On the other hand, taking care of business by self-publishing through online book printing services assures you of a quicker turnaround period, enabling you to distribute your book the soonest possible time.


You Are Totally In Control

Having your book published by yourself only means one thing: Everything will go according to your own standards, and not by the long list of conditions set by publishing houses. You surely want to be true to your own creation—from every single word in the manuscript down to the tiniest detail of a page layout and graphics for the cover design.

Going beyond the aesthetics, a publishing house will expect you to change the content of your book, cut a lot of words to save on printing costs, or change the context to appeal to the commercialised market. Thing is, you want to express yourself and find your own niche among a myriad of authors who just want to make money and get famous. Jumping into the bandwagon of signing a deal with a publishing house means drastically changing the nature of your book, and that defeats the purpose of having to write one. In this case, if you really want to get a head start in self-publishing your book, visit an online printing company so you have a better grasp about the scope of services, timeframe, requirements, price, and payment options.


Deciding to self-publish your book should not be an intimidating idea anymore. With the active rise of digital printing in Singapore, you are sure to find a printing company that can make the book of your dreams come true. Self-publishing presents much more benefits than we could ever imagine, and has now become even more affordable than ever, helping independent authors stay true to their work and showcase it for the world to see and read.