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Signages as Art and Interaction

Posted by Wendy Swan on March 20, 2018 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (83)

If philosophers are to be believed, signs constitute the thing itself. Practically, signs, whether directly or indirectly, indicate the presence of something. Either way, signages have become indispensable components of any commercial or business public visibility credo especially in this day and age where the battle for the public’s attention is as competitive more than ever. And companies are expending spending significant creativity and resources to utilize signages for heightened and sustained visibility.

Signages as Art Form

In Singapore, signages must reflect quality and this means aesthetics. Digitally clear photos or videos, powerful images, artistic color combination, balance, symmetry, and spacing are all visual elements that not only makes and advertisement or billboard or front office signage more appealing but also helps establish an identity.

And then too there is the critical issue of content. Unique, though-provoking, witty, catchy, relevant content that strikes a chord among majority of potential customers is crucial feature of effective signages.

Today, signages in Singapore need not only be unique, bold or stunning in terms of visuals and content, they also need to be regular. That is, there must often be new ones. Name-recall, or relationships with a small, local market segment are effectively established only through sustained interaction through signages including announcement, advertisements, even plain display functions. This means one or two signage may be sufficient enough to define a product or company’s competitive advantage and even corporate identity. After all, corporate branding is not simply about having unique specific mark or names that can be incorporated into logo or taglines or official colors it also means regularly announcing yourself and your existence.

Signages as Public Interaction

Although sales and customer service remain the main point of interaction between any company office or office and its main market, in todays highly competitive environment, where even social media and information technology interfaces can be considered ‘real’ points of contact, signages likewise have added ‘virtual’ functions. The regularity of displays, changing signs, regularly new advertisements, continually replenished billboards all suggest mobility and dynamism and indicates that a company or office is alive and well and is regularly trying to stay relevant. That in itself is a very powerful public visibility statement that goes beyond packaging.

Of course innovations, product packaging, catchy corporate mottos, celebrity endorsements, strategic and significant airtime and other conventional marketing strategies are still dominant forms of soliciting interest from the public but signages can help sustain these by maintaining patronage and loyalty.

Signages in Singapore have become such vital element of public interaction and an ever-increasing concern of companies such that designing signages have become an industry of its own. With the growing demand for signages, various firms have specialized in layout, digital media services, production, and strategic set-ups of various signs for companies and offices that are more than willing to pay for such services. And these companies too are evolving along with the trade. There are now assorted agencies offering new types of professional services for branding and public image needs including interior designers, exhibition design consultant, show set-ups and even event organizing services from conceptualization to implementation. Generally, these exhibition companies provide innovative, creative and practical solutions to challenges of creating a narrative, establishing product or company branding or communicating social message and uses a wide range of technologies and techniques to establish meaningful interaction between a company and their public. And signages are a fundamental element of these projects.


Traditional and Modern SEMs

Posted by Wendy Swan on March 10, 2018 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

It has become too commonplace that people no longer seem to bother with the details. Yes search engine marketing (SEM) is a vastly popular current day fixture in industry and commerce yet is very ‘un-understood’ modern phenomenon. Well, the fact that the industry generates more than a million jobs in Asia alone, employing a significant number across segments of young adults, academic achievement, status or field of specialization, makes it popular but at the same time, the blinding speed by which it evolves and the many types of services it provides are reasons why it is difficult to understand SEM.

In a nutshell, SEM agencies function as ‘virtual’ advertising arms of a client company aim which is contracted to direct internet traffic into company’s website. These SEM companies uses a vast range of digital marketing strategies to improve search engine ranking of websites, establish and improve online presence and raise the number of potential clients and direct purchases.

Traditional SEM Services

Push digital marketing is considered more traditional simply because it involves more conventional advertising principles and strategies that directly takes the product or service to the customer, and straight-forwardly convinces the customer to purchase the product or service. As a direct marketing strategy, it reduces the amount of time between a customer discovering a product, the time learning about it and the time to buy it. In Singapore, SEM agencies using this method also directly interact with potential customers through display advertising, SMS messages, email campaigns and newsletter campaigns in an attempt to ‘push’ them to buy a product or avail a service, hence the term push digital marketing. Push marketing is a strategy that is used more frequently by start-ups and companies who has just introduced new products into the market and have already manufactured and distributed a significant number of these products. Although very few SEM companies in Singapore still engage in these activities, other digital marketing agencies still uses aggressive and wide-reaching ads to make the biggest and most immediate impact on customers.

On the other hand, pull digital marketing services are considered the more modern form of digital marketing. Compared to push marketing, pull digital marketing, sometime called content marketing in many Singapore SEM agencies, do not directly promote a product but generate demand for a product or boost interests in a client’s website by providing links in websites, blog posts, client website content, and white papers. In simpler terms, pull digital marketing creates interests rather than increase actual purchases and is therefore light years different from conventional advertising methods.

SEM companies utilizing pull digital marketing strategies also raise awareness about a product before it becomes available in the market. For instance, many SEM companies in Singapore determine consumer information-seeking behavior about products and services and also helps improve website content, social media and audio and video streaming to make contents more attractive for potential clients. With this data, and although the results of the marketing campaign will not be certain until the product is made available, the manufacturer can save money on production costs by producing fewer units depending on market demand that is determined by the SEM research.

We Can Make You Unique Personalised Gift in Singapore

Posted by Wendy Swan on February 19, 2018 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Do you have a special someone in mind? Like that person you would want to give something to? It doesn’t matter of that person is a family member or friend, but what matters more is the thought that you would want that person to remember you.

It is totally understandable that we would always want to leave a little something to give everyone. That is human nature. We want people to remember us specifically when they see stuff. As such, most of us try and do research about our friends so that when we give them gifts, these are the ones they would love to have. Just imagine how glad they would feel when they receive something that is not just cute but even useful.

You have no time for shopping? Online browsing is a thing now, but we also know that the online shopping world would give a lot of choices and the more choices you have, the more you get confused.

Which One to Pick?

If you go ahead and rummage any gift shop, you would see very affordable items that could meet your gift-standards.

You would want to pick a certain token for one friend and that same token for another friend, but the thing is that would look as if you just bought your items in bulk! But what could you do if there are lots of the cute and functional ones?

This is that point you actually consider buying unique personalised gifts in Singapore.

Creating a Gift that is so “You”

When we talk about crafting a token for your friends, then that could actually mean choosing a specific design and colour. Materials are part of the choices, too. Naming the gifts is an added uniqueness if you may want to call it that.

When you do consider ordering personalised items then this would make the recipient feel that you have spent real time and effort in preparing for the gift.

Nonetheless, do not think of it as something that is only at a personal level. You may want to do this should you organise events, too. These may very well do for your company event. For sure, there are corporate gifts company in Singapore that can offer gift personalisation as well.

How Do They Personalise?

Some may think that when something is personalised, it would always refer to the recipient but here is the thing you would need to know: personalisation would also mean they can incorporate your image or brand as the giver.

Imagine, you can choose colours that represent you company, you may engrave initials, or they can even solicit for your own design. Do not worry about costs, you may order in bulk and they can give you discounts. But think about functionality over cuteness, all right?

Remember your loved ones or clients would love to receive something that is not just for display. You can give them bags, pens, mugs—or anything they can use everyday. The more they see it, the more they remember you. Moreover, be sure you also give the makers ample time to prepare them for you.

5 Common Bathroom Waterproofing Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Wendy Swan on January 30, 2018 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Bathrooms are ought to get wet, right? So does this mean you should set aside waterproofing, then?

Not really. Truth is, your bathroom is more vulnerable to water-related problems as it's, more often than not, exposed to wetness and moisture. Add to that issues such as flooding and you may be looking at damages that can be costly to address.

Taking preventive measures will always be the wiser move, especially for the home you're sharing with your loved ones. Exposure to mold and mildew can be harmful to your health. This can also damage the structure of your home.

But before you get started on your bathroom waterproofing project, take note of these common mistakes first so you can avoid them.

1. Trusting the wrong people. Waterproofing requires expertise. This project involves a lot more than sealing areas of your bathroom. Employees you hire should also be knowledgeable about flooding solutions, leak repairs, and even protecting your home's structural integrity. Poor waterproofing will only leave you spending more. Worse, you may have to commit yourself to a major bathroom renovation. Professionals will know the preparation required before getting started with the waterproofing project, they'll know which tools and products are right for use, and most importantly, their priority is your family's safety.

2. Skipping proper preparation methods. When it comes to waterproofing your bathroom, proper preparation is crucial. The surface area has to be cleaned thoroughly. Dirt and dust need to be removed so the membrane would bond properly. Skipping this procedure will cause the membrane to peel off. Professional bathroom water proofers will pay attention to the priming process even if it takes hours to complete. They won't cut corners on the job just so they'll finish sooner.

3. Using wrong products. Using the right waterproofing products is crucial to ensuring quality workmanship. Buying the products and applying them yourself can be tricky. It's best to leave the job to professionals. As to the application, every corner should be covered. No water should be allowed to pass through. Just a small spot without a waterproofing membrane can already present issues. Apart from applying waterproofing membrane, another step involved in waterproofing is coating. Sufficient coating is necessary to ensure quality waterproofing.

4. Rushing the drying process. When laying new tiles in a bathroom, screed has to be applied first to the floor before priming or waterproofing. This can take a day, but that should be fine so as to ensure a strong bond. For waterproofing experts, pausing on the job for a day or no matter how long should be okay long as it's required. They're more concerned about the waterproofing getting completed properly.

5. Not paying attention to construction. Whether you are looking at a floor or toilet waterproofing project for your bathroom, proper design and construction should always be prioritized. Drainage should be in the proper location. Proper tile size and type should be ensured. The waterproofing contractor should be more than willing to educate you on all factors that need to be considered before starting the job. They will work with you in ensuring that the project gets done to your satisfaction.

Waterproof your bathroom, avoid costly repairs in the future and protect your family’s health and safety. Talk to reputable waterproofing contractors today for more information.

Why Take Kids to a Foot Clinic As Early as Possible

Posted by Wendy Swan on January 28, 2018 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Our foot serves a crucial purpose. Unfortunately, its health is usually overlooked. Foot issues can develop at an early age. Parents need to take the lead and ensure that kids receive proper foot and ankle healthcare services. Some foot problems are hard to identify. It takes a trained eye to diagnose or spot issues even at its early stages. This is especially important for kids that lead an active lifestyle or are into sports.

Working with Foot and Ankle Experts for Kids

Children don't often tell parents if they're experience any discomfort on their feet or ankle. Because of this, doctors suggest that parents be particularly observant and proactive when it comes to their child's foot development, right from birth. Always look at your child's behavior or response to normal everyday activities. If they avoid walking, there may be something wrong with their foot.

If you deem that you need professional assistance, go to a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore. Those that provide podiatry services for children. Treating and diagnosing kid patients requires forming a connection and establishing trust. Podiatrists for kids will make sure they take the time to get to know your child and gain their confidence before starting any form of treatment. They also use equipment, tools, and methods that are friendly for kids.

Why Start Podiatry Treatment at an Early Age

The best time to start treating foot and ankle issues is while they are yet to progress. Habits are formed during childhood stages. And when these habits are carried all the way to adulthood, they will be harder to break.

In addition, crucial stages of skeleton development also happen during childhood. This is also when their feet are still malleable. If there any deformation issues, their feet can still be molded. Bad habits can also be addressed to prevent them from worsening or causing further problems.

Seeking podiatry treatment for kids can have positive effects that they will be able to benefit from until they grow old. So don't ignore any foot or ankle issues you see in your little ones. Ensure their lower extremities function properly by partnering with a foot doctor for kids.

Common Signs of Foot and Ankle Problems

Here are signs of foot issues among kids and toddlers to watch out for.

● Avoiding normal activities such as walking and running

● Hesitating or showing unwillingness to long or extended walks

● Complaining about sore leg or foot

● Absence of foot arch or having flat foot profile

● Posture issues

● Foot swelling

● Foot deformities

If you notice any or a combination of the signs listed above, go to a reputable children foot clinic in your area. Your kids need to receive regular checkups to ensure healthy foot development. Stay proactive too. Ensure that your child always wear comfortable pair of shoes. Let them engage in physical activities that will help strengthen their legs, ankles, and feet.

Don’t be afraid to talk to a foot for kids and toddlers. They’re there to help you and your little ones and most importantly, they’re fully experienced when it comes to working with young patients.

How to Save on Home Repairs

Posted by Wendy Swan on January 27, 2018 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We are all aware of the fact that when we own a house it seems like we already have a good life but we also know the responsibility that comes with it. We can actually liken this to having a car wherein maintenance is really high. Every now and then we encounter problems wherein the sink was broken or the electric line needs to be fixed. Of course our normal reaction is for us to call a plumber to fix the sink for us or call an electrician to do the work for us. It is convenient when we do these things but we also need to remember that when we do this too often there is a possibility that we will be able to spend more than we can imagine. The money that is supposed to be used for house repairs can actually be spent on other needs that are necessary. You can actually consider saving that money spent on repairs on things that we can later use in the future, in short you can put that to your savings account.

I have mentioned one of the most common household problems that we encounter at home. This has something to do with the sink. It is always the pipes that normally would have leaks, what you can do to save money, is of course the check the leak and see if you can apply some epoxy putty and see if it will solve the problem. You can always use this as a kitchen hack for everything that leaks at home, we all know that epoxy is the answer to this most basic problem. If you done this once in your life hack, I would be proud of you since this is one of the most basic thing that everyone should be aware of.

Another life hack that you can apply at home is perhaps the use of oil absorbent. We all know that when you have a car there are instances that the gas leaks on your garage and sometimes the smell is something that almost anyone would not want to smell and aside from that, your garage can be very slippery due to this leak and that is where the oil absorbent comes in. You can simply apply this on the area where the gas was and let the oil absorbent do it’s magic.

These are just two types of hacks that you can use at home that can help you save money on home repairs. There are other things that you can still do. I have mentioned problems with electrical lines earlier, I guess the basic solution there as well is to look for videos on the web as to how you can do things on your own rather than paying someone to do it for you. The only thing that you must remember is that when you watch videos, you must make sure that before you do the actual thing, you must be able to practice on a dummy thing. This is to make sure that you are also safe when you do the actual repair. You might think that you can do it and save money and yet you will end up spending more.


Vaser Liposuction: Losing Weight the Easier Way

Posted by Wendy Swan on January 25, 2018 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Trimming unwanted fats and toning your body parts are not easy, especially for busy people. Even those who go regularly to the gym to exercise do not always end up with the results they want to see. While there are body figures that are achievable by regular exercise and proper diet, there will still be those fats that do not just go away.

Good thing, there are doctors who understand the needs for achieving your ideal body size and figure that liposuction have already become mainstream, especially among celebrities who even endorse these liposuction clinics. Liposuction surgery from the word itself, takes away the fats through suctioning them. This traditional liposuction involves the insertion of a cannula through a small cut, and the surgeon uses that cannula to break the fats before sucking them put using a suction pump.

But of course, the patient is put first under anesthesia before the liposuction procedure starts. Healing for this takes some time, and a patient is expected to experience some swelling, bruises and redness during the healing process.

Unfortunately, there were reported incidents of complications and even death because of liposuction due to doctors’ negligence or other medical conditions. It is also good to remember that this procedure does not tighten skin, as opposed to common misconceptions.

An alternative to liposuction

Surgeons are aware of this pain as well as the risks, and they strive to come up with developments on how to achieve the ideal body figure without much pain. One of them is vaser liposuction. Not everyone who offers liposuction surgery procedure can do vaser liposuction.

There are already some clinics that offer vaser liposuction in Singapore, so there is no need to go out of the country for this type of fat removal procedure. Compared with the typical liposuction procedure, vaser liposuction is proven to be safe and effective, with minimal pain.

Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound technology to emulsify the fats, and this would also help the surgeon determine the size of the cannula to be used. As the fats are liquefied, the cannula which is attached to a vacuum technology will suck the fats out, in any part of the body the procedure is needed. These body areas include the thighs and buttocks, neck, arms, etc.

You will not experience pain during the entire process as you will be put to sleep through anesthesia.

Fat transfer

The vaser liposuction may also be combined with fat transfer technology which involves the transferring of your fats from one body part to another. Having your own body fats, this has no risk of rejection, and will help you achieve natural looking results.

Further tightening of skin over time from internal ultrasound may also be expected from vaser liposuction technology.

Where to have vaser liposuction in Singapore?

It would be best to look for a clinic which has a legal registration in performing vaser liposuction. Also, know the surgeon who would do the procedure. The name of the clinic and the doctor matter. This would help you achieve a safe way to trim your fats down with ideal results.

Things to Think About Before Looking for Property for Sale in Singapore

Posted by Wendy Swan on December 21, 2017 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Before they run out of precious time since nothing in this world lasts forever, people want to make the most of their lives as they chase after their biggest dreams, pursue their long-term goals and fulfil their destiny so that they can look back in remembrance and nod to themselves that they had a great run and it was a life well-lived. Some people want to become great success stories in their respective careers and rake in tremendous amounts of money and worldly riches so that they can live the high and mighty life with their friends. There are also those who just want to start their own family, settle down in a quaint and peaceful neighbourhood and enjoy the rest of their days with their kids and grandchildren.

But whatever they want to do with their limited time here on earth, they need to look for the best property for sale Singapore and real estate opportunities in different areas because they need a house of their own where they are safe and sound from the dangers of the outside world. They cannot rent an apartment forever and having their own house helps them save enough money to build a nest egg for the future and this goes especially true for married couples out there who want to have lots of children. They cannot afford to play fast and loose with the hard-earned money that they have inside their pockets and bank accounts and that is why they need to be smarter and wiser with their financial expenditures.

And that is the reason why searching for people who are selling property in Singapore or some other Southeast Asian country like Thailand, Japan and Malaysia is the first step that they should take because of the very affordable prices and nice communities in these exotic locations. But before signing below the dotted line, pulling the trigger and making a lifelong commitment that they would have to live with for the rest of their natural life here on God’s green earth, they should carefully weigh their options, do their homework as well as consider all the factors and elements in play. First and foremost, they should talk with their accountant, financial advisor and real estate agent to make sure that they have enough gas left in the tank for the long haul ahead because they do not want to run out of cash and file for bankruptcy due to the fact they failed to look a few steps ahead.

They also need to gather their friends and family to get their honest opinion, suggestions, reservations and other forms of feedback before they look for the property for sale by owner because these are the people with whom they are going to spend most of their time for the rest of their life. Last but not the least, they should look for a safe, secure and peaceful environment that is free from miserable cretins and dregs of society like gang members, thieves and burglars that prey on unsuspecting victims who are unlucky enough to cross their path. This goes especially true for young couples out there who want to have children of their own someday because these kids deserve to grow up in a place where they are safe from the clutches of evil all the time.


Looking Hip and Chic With Your Hair Regardless of Your Age

Posted by Wendy Swan on December 19, 2017 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Youngsters always get the impression that getting old means being filled with wrinkles and white hair. What they fail to understand is that even the elderly can be as hip and chic as they are. Being old does not mean they have to look and act like they are one. They have their own secret routine and maintenance to keep themselves looking like they are in their 40’s forever. Surprisingly, more often than not, most people guess oldsters’ age wrong. Most of the time, their guesses are even way younger than their actual age and that shows how much they take care of themselves even though they are not young anymore.

Actually, their secret is not that complicated. Caring for their bodies in their age is essential since their skin cells do not regenerate as fast as they used to. Starting from their hair, every once in a while, they go to the best spa and get a comfortable, relaxing white hair natural treatment which is less harmful compared to dyes containing heavy chemicals that damage their hairs irreparably. A lot of dyes in the market contain a lot of chemicals that greatly ruins the hair’s softness and diminishes its lustre unlike natural dyes that contain Ginseng and Dang Gui. These two ingredients have properties that nourishes your hair so that it keeps your hair follicles healthy by helping regulate your hair’s blood flow.

Next, hair loss is a problem that is experienced by every lady regardless of age. That is why female hair loss treatment is becoming more frequent in Singapore. Unlike white hair, hair loss is a common predicament every girl can relate to. But just like white hair, a natural treatment is better by supplementing your hair with vitamins and minerals to nourish it and regain its equilibrium without any invasive, harmful chemical. After treatment, maintenance and daily supplement are needed to prevent hair loss again which could be bought from the Spa or Salon.

Lastly, doing everyday activities under the sun will prove to be exhausting leaving you dirty and sweaty. If you consistently leave your head sweaty, you might be in need of an oily scalp treatment to fight the accumulating oil and dirt on your head when roaming in the busy streets of Singapore. Make sure you go to a spa that uses natural remedies instead of hair shampoos and conditioners that are tested on animals. Being knowledgeable of your spa would make you feel more secure that your health is in the right hands. This also helps you raise awareness to other people and the establishment itself if they are up to your standards or if they need to improve more in certain aspects. You are helping animals, other people, and yourself be safe.

Whatever age you may be, always take care of your hair and body. How you care for your body will say a lot about you as a person. Decide on what you want to look like. Explore different looks that suit your style, but never forget the basics in maintaining your health starting from your hair.

What We Need To Know About the Real Work of Architects

Posted by Wendy Swan on December 17, 2017 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

If architecture is as easy as drawing buildings and making scale models, why can’t everyone do it? Why is it a profession for a chosen few? What do really architects do?

Apparently, the job entails more than just doodling with a pen and paper. A matter of safety is highly considered by an architect whenever he creates a new design, “Architects have to think of many things before they draw up the plans for a building. First they have to think about what the building will be used for. How many people are going to use the building at the same time? What types of activities will these people do in the building? An office building will need lots of small rooms for offices. A school will need many medium-sized rooms for classrooms. And a train station will need one larger room for hundreds of people to pass thru at the same time. All of these building must be built so that they can be used efficiently by everyone who walks through their doors. When architects discuss what the building will be used for, they talk abut the "function" of the building. But the function of a building is just one of many things an architect has to think about when designing a building. Good architects also spend a lot of time making sure a building is safely designed, and making sure the building will last for many years. A building that is not safely designed could catch on fire or fall down on itself. Architects have to design building so that people can escape from the building in an emergency. Of course, some emergencies, such as earthquakes or tornadoes, destroy even the safest buildings,” wrote by Phil Shapiro in the article What Does an Architect Do? for the website

Architects are also bid gatherers at some point, as the article posted at titled 10 Things An Architect Does For You by Amy Conner-Murphy shared, “ An architect helps a homeowner collect bids from contractors or negotiate with a single contractor for a project. When you choose to work exclusively with a builder, if you are new to building a home, how do you know they are giving you the best cost to build your home? An architect works with many well-qualified professionals, so his/her recommendations can avoid the hassles of hiring unqualified individuals for your project.” The article further shared, “Builders build what you tell them, so the architect is an important guide to introduce you to product choices, trends, and ways to save in the long run. Indecision causes delay. An architect is an experienced guide to show homeowners options and assist with making decisions efficiently.”

Mr. James, 67, a retired architect, shared some of his humble beginnings. He fondly recalled a time when he started interning in a company full of architectural model makers, “When I started studying architecture in college, I interned in an architectural company in my second year simply because I needed extra cash, and I really wanted to know how architects really are in their natural habitat, as I would call it. I was a good drawer and I draft things with ease and precision, but making architectural model is something else. There are figures that are more complex for neophytes like me so I learned a lot of techniques and creative styles from my seniors.” Mr. James mentioned that most of the 3d building model maker in his company were promoted or have built their own companies after some years of experience, which was the exact same plan he had then. “When I graduated in college, I just worked for a corporate company for 5 years and saved just enough to start my own. Architects like me do not only need to be highly creative, we should be good managers too and good communicators. Architects deal with different kinds of people so once you become a professional, you need to learn how to be grounded so it’s easier for people to reach you,” shared Mr. James humbly.

Another thing about the job of an architect is that, it is a misconception to think that they mostly work alone. In fact, in this job, you need to learn how to be collaborative, “Like most projects—architecture is not the work of one sole person—it takes a team. There are usually dozens of people involved in the larger projects (interns, modelers, the CAD designers, people in the field etc). While most design firms have a managing principle: a person who facilitates the design; they are not usually the actual designers. Rather it is the lower totem staff who create the design, but sometimes the managing principle becomes ‘The Architect” who designed said building. We see how this could be frustrating for the rest of the team. Just know that when you read in a magazine about ‘so and so was the architect’, there was probably a lot more people involved than that one person mentioned in the article,” wrote Shelley Little in the article 10 Classic Misconceptions of Architects as posted at the site

Above all, architects should be good visionaries. One can never design a church, office building, hospital, school if he cannot imagine how it would look like. Architects anticipate every possible design even when given a limited space, budget, and resources by a client. Architects are creation geniuses and their job is not something that an ordinary man can do without knowledge, experience, skills, and an inspired mind.